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Another month has passed and that once again brings us to November! This November I wanted to do more than just not shave and claim I was taking part in “No Shave November”, this year I wanted to do something that would actually help people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to be sporting a heck of a mustache, but now it’s for something more than just my vanity. This year I have signed up over at to create a page to help me raise money to benefit testicular cancer research and men’s mental health treatment. I took this task one step further and have invited members of my team to join me in this endeavor by creating their own Movember Page and Joining the Brian Vogel Photography Team:

Why get involved?

  • 1 in 270 men are affected by Testicular Cancer and 1 in 7 are affected by Prostate Cancer. This is very scary and real stuff and we can help.
  • Personally I wanted to be involved because no matter what stage of my life I’ve been in, someone close to me has been battling with some form of cancer or mental health. It’s a very scary thing and the people that go through it have an amazing strength and resolve.
    One of my good friends and occasional assistant is a prime example of this. He is probably one of the most genuine and kind people I know. Before 25 he had fought and beat cancer and is now a student at the University Houston and Entrepreneur as well as a member of our team.

How can I get Involved?
There are many ways to become involved:

  • The most immediate way to become involved is to donate. break open that piggy bank and send some coins to a good cuase via my page at or the team as a whole at
  • Join our team! Think you have what it takes to conduct yourself like a true gentleman while helping others? Then don your best lip warmer and sign up at and joing the “Brian Vogel Photography” team and spread the good word.“Use the power of the Mustache to create conversations about Men’s Health and to raise funds for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health.”
  • Are you a big shot at your office? Why not see if your business is able to gift match! I’m sure it’s a write off.

What if I can’t grow a mustache?

  • That’s perfectly fine! All you have to do is get talking! There is even a page specifically for the ladies that want to help save… the boys. Check out this link to get started:
  • You could also check out our friends at and maybe pick up some goodies to wear on your person.

Added Bonus!
To those of you taking part in helping raise funds and joining our team, at the end of the month we will have an open house in the studio for you to come have your portrait taken with your Movember Stache!

More resources:


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